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Milwaukee Toolboxes

3 Excellent Milwaukee Toolboxes for Contractors

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was first established in 1924 by A. F. Siebert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest electric tool providers in the US. Milwaukee is a trusted brand by professional construction contractors across the country. Whether you’re a framer, provide drywall installation services, or just …

Best Cordless Drill

Top 3 Battery-Operated Drills for Homeowners in 2020

Battery-operated tools have come a long way since their inception, and with each new year comes new features and improvements over older models. Modern power tools are sleek, efficient, far more powerful than hand tools, and—best of all—there are now plenty of more accessible and cheaper options available specifically for homeowners, hobbyists, or DIYers. They’re …

Prevent Corrosion on Your Fasteners

If there is one thing that can truly damage the strength and integrity of metal fasteners, it is corrosion. At West Land Fasteners, we use the latest technology and information to prevent corrosion so that our fasteners can stand the test of time.  Unfortunately, even when construction professionals use the best materials in their projects, corrosion …