About Us

Hi, I’m Phil Gast, a professional handyman, and owner of Westland Fasteners.

Growing up in the Midwest, I spent my early adult years working as a carpenter and mechanic throughout Wisconsin. During this time, I was able to master several repair and construction skills, but I also discovered something that bothered me.

I learned that the majority of homeowners (and even some contractors) faced several problems that could be easily avoided. These included the use of poor fastening equipment, scheduling conflicts, and in some cases, delayed payments. More often than not, these issues led to some dispute between contractor and client.

Many times, I was called in to take over projects that had become more complicated than they needed to be either due to poor workmanship and inexperience on the part of the handyman or a lack of clear communication between both parties. I soon began to envision a way to solve these issues. It was this vision that birthed Westland Fasteners. 

Having worked as the go-to specialist for home and industrial repairs in Milwaukee for the past 20 years, I decided to put my knowledge and experience to more use through this blog. To help you avoid issues like I described above, I created the blog to provide all the information you might need to know regarding home improvement, roofing, automotive repairs, carpentry, plumbing, and electricals.

When I’m not doing consultations or working with the team, you can find me with my family, teaching my daughter how to ride her bike and spending time with the wife.

Westland Fasteners is always available if you need quality consultations, so you can reach out on the Contact Us page and a member of the team will attend to you.