About Us

At West Land Fasteners, we take pride in being the specialists in the field of fasteners. For the past 20 years, we’ve produced high-quality fasteners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our hard-working professionals are well-known in this region for superior service and fine workmanship. 

Our team leaders constantly encourage and train our personnel to provide exceptional service to our customers. Our staff works very hard to maintain a strict control over the safe storage and delivery of our products. 

We manufacture fasteners for a wide range of industries and provide the best products at all times. Our experts will educate you and help you to choose the right solutions as per your needs and requirements. 

At West Land Fasteners, customers are offered only the highest quality of products. We have invested heavily in our inventory and procured highly skilled personnel for the job. We also use the latest machinery to only manufacture the fasteners of the highest quality. 

People come to our store with different requirements, which is why we’re always ready to customize our products to their satisfaction. We provide fine custom paint jobs on the fasteners to help you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Our experts are highly trained within this industry for providing optimal customer solutions. With West Land Fasteners, you will have no problem in getting optimal fasteners and related material for specific applications. 

We have a quality control laboratory that analyzes samples from the best suppliers before including them in our inventory. Our inventory has unique fasteners, which are very difficult to find anywhere else in the market. We also have a highly efficient production control system due to which our products can be delivered immediately for quick installations. 

We care for our customers through our personalized services, which is why our customers feel confident in putting their requirements in our hands. We not only help and guide our customers during the purchase, but also during and after the installation. 

Our goal is to become the most reliable supplier of high-quality fasteners in Wisconsin and we are ready to overcome any fastening challenge.